thermal mannequin

IPEMS Phase 1 is Complete!

As regular Measurement Technology NW followers may know, back in November 2008 MTNW and a group that included Midwest Research Institute, Boston Dynamics, Smith Carter CUH2A, and HHI Corporation were chosen by the US Army to design and build “IPEMS” (Individual Protection Ensemble Mannequin System).

This project includes state-of-the-art chemical testing facilities and a first-of-its-kind robotic thermal mannequin to perform high-resolution testing of protective clothing and equipment under live chemical exposure conditions.

NEMO Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame

NEMO, our submersible thermal manikin system, doesn’t make the headlines very often. After all, a true-weight cast aluminum sweating thermal manikin that is designed to operate underwater at depths of up to 10 feet (3 meters) is a rather specialized piece of equipment built to fulfill a unique set of research needs. Nevertheless, NEMO is in the news this week thanks to a new installation at Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

8I3M: The deadline for Abstract Submissions has been extended to March 15th

The 8th International Meeting for Manikins and Modeling (8I3M) is the primary forum for international experts on the science of human thermal comfort to present and discuss current and future challenges, opportunities, and the requirements of next-generation protective clothing, high-performance sport apparel, and environmental comfort research.

New Year’s Resolutions

With the beginning of a new year comes New Year’s resolutions, and for all our sweating manikin operators we heartily recommend making the resolution to pay more attention to your manikin’s fluid circulation system. Towards that goal I have re-posted a service bulletin from a few years ago that describes the maintenance procedures our engineers have developed for the proper care of our sweating manikins – including Newton (all models) and the Thermal Hand, Thermal Foot, and Thermal Head systems.

We ♥ Custom Projects

We recently heard from a lab that was testing a hand warming (glove) system for military use that could be worn in water or on other cold-weather operations.

They needed to know if our thermal hand manikin could be customized for submersion testing in a cold water test tank, since their current testing methods utilized human subjects and they were having trouble getting repeatable results.