Thermal Hand Test System

The Thermal Hand Test Manikin was developed to provide accurate measurements for all types of hand wear.

Through precise measurement of heat loss, our Thermal Hand Test System is capable of quantifying the effects of glove design, insulation, and ventilation, and is built to reliably perform testing sequences according to EN 511 in environmental conditions ranging from -20°C to +50°C.

The Thermal Hand Test System is available in both dry and sweating versions. The sweating hand model includes a removable wicking fabric skin and computer-controlled fluid metering system.

  • Carbon-Fiber/epoxy composite construction
  • 75th Percentile Adult Male right hand (glove size Large)
  • Hand: 8 or 14 independent thermal zones, with thermal guard
  • Hand form with articulated thumb allows easy fitting of gloves or mittens
  • Optional removable fabric sweating skin with computerized fluid flow
  • Suitable for testing in ambient conditions -20° C (lower if preheated) to +50° C

Each system includes our ThermDAC Windows-based graphical control and analysis software.


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