Thermal Foot Test System

The Thermal Foot Test System is a sophisticated research tool that provides accurate test measurements for all types of footwear.

Through precise measurement of thermal resistance our Thermal Foot Test System is capable of quantifying the thermal effects of socks, shoe/boot design, insulation, and ventilation, and is built to reliably perform testing sequences in environmental conditions ranging from -40°C to +50°C. This sophisticated 12-zone foot manikin is fitted with heaters and temperature sensors to simulate human metabolic heat. A temperature controlled sole compression plate can be used to compress the sole/midsole components of footwear during tests to better simulate the performance of insulation layers under the weight of a standing human. An ankle joint and flexing toe segment allow for an easy foot installation into a boot or shoe.

The Thermal Foot Test System is available as a high-top (standard) or low-top model. Sweating foot models include a removable wicking fabric skin and a computer-controlled fluid metering system.

  • Carbon-Fiber/epoxy composite construction
  • 50th Percentile Adult Male foot (US size 9)
  • Foot: 6-zone low top or 12-zone high-top configurations available
  • Optional removable fabric sweating skin with computerized fluid flow
  • Suitable for testing in ambient conditions -40° C to +50° C
  • Ankle joint flexion at approximately 25° downward movement
  • Flexing toe segment with approximately 15° range of motion
  • Sole compression of up to 200 pounds (90kg) with variable weight distribution

 A dedicated PC computer with ThermDAC software maintains full thermal control, fault detection and real-time data display while logging data. Tests can be run in temperature, heat flux, or comfort model mode, and set points can be individually adjusted for each zone before – or during – a test. 

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