ManikinPC Human Comfort Software


The ManikinPC thermoregulatory model allows users to control Newton at variable activity levels that simulate the human metabolism while sleeping, resting, working, or exercising. 

Any level of activity can be input and appropriate metabolic wattages will be imposed onto the manikin.

When our Newton thermal manikin is used in combination with ManikinPC, the manikin acts as a multi-zone sensor that measures the rate of heat loss at each surface segment - responding to and interacting with the thermal environment to provide real data to the physiological software model.

Newton's skin sensors provide real-time measured inputs of skin temperature, which factor into the sensation metrics used to determine vasodilation and vasoconstriction responses. The ManikinPC software responds in real-time with appropriate thermal response to inputs, mimicking the transient behavior of a human body.

Thanks to real-time, high-resolution heat loss data generated by Newton, ManikinPC allows users to compute numerical values for Thermal Sensation (how hot or cold something is perceived to feel), and Thermal Comfort (whether the sensation makes the person feel comfortable or uncomfortable). Human vs Model correlation studies (2010) have shown that a Newton thermal manikin regulated by ManikinPC software can be a useful and accurate tool to emulate human physiological response over a range of ambient conditions. To review these papers in detail, please see:

ManikinPC = Physiology and Comfort capabilities for all Newton manikin systems

  • Virtual thermal simulation of human physiology
  • Validated thermoregulatory control scheme
  • Computes indexes for local and whole body sensation and comfort
  • Supports transient analysis for changing environments and activity levels
  • Provides accurate perspiration rates, and can simulate "virtual sweating" when used with a dry (non-sweating) Newton
  • Variable activity levels determine metabolic rates imposed upon the manikin
  • Real-time feedback control used to set thermal load levels
  • Can be integrated to existing Newton manikins