Flash Fire Cylinder

This innovative benchtop instrument is designed to provide effective 3D sample evaluation and to bridge the gap between flat-specimen TPP testing and full-garment Flame Manikin tests.

The Flash Fire Cylinder developed by Thermetrics® provides an accurate and repeatable tool to quantify effects of FR fabric performance (including shrinkage and shape change) that may not be realistically represented with TPP results. By exposing a cylindrical sample to a uniform high intensity flame, the heat-transfer impacts of material shrinkage and compression can be observed visually and objectively as a predicted time-to-burn.

This instrument is based on proven technology from the Thermetrics® TPP and “Burnie” Flame Manikin systems. Operators can use the device to quickly screen a wide range of samples and identify the most promising FR fabrics, composite layers, and subassemblies prior to the costly step of building complete ensembles for comprehensive full-body Flame Manikin tests.