TPP / HTP Test Device

Will your material system protect against a 2nd degree burn?  The TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) device, also known as a HTP (Heat Transfer Performance) device was developed to measure the time elapsed for convective and radiant heat to penetrate through a protective composite fabric system - resulting in damage to human skin.

The TPP device features a dual heat source that consists of two propane burners and a 9-bulb quartz infrared heat lamp assembly.  The system is automated by using a pneumatically actuated sample carriage, water-cooled shutter, and mass flow controller, with three thermocouple inputs and an integrated sensor cooling stand for improved testing throughput.

New for 2016!  Thermetrics now offers its own line of accurate, readily available copper slug calorimeter sensors for the TPP.


TEST STANDARDS:   ISO 17492, ASTM F2700 (D4108), ASTM F2703, CAN/CGSB 155.20, NFPA 1971, 1977, and 2112

Dual Propane Burners and 9 Quartz Tubes

Thermal Protective Performance
Heat Transfer Performance
compliance with ASTM F2700 Heat Transfer Performance
fabric test for skin burns
radiant heat penetration