RPP (Radiant Protective Performance) Test Device

Thermetrics compact Radiant Protective Performance (RPP) Test Device measures and predicts the time to second degree burns following radiant heat exposure to composite fabric systems.

TEST STANDARDS:   ASTM F1939, ASTM F2702, NFPA 1971, NFPA 2112.

An ISO version of the RPP (ISO 6942) is coming soon.

The RPP device includes a 5-bulb quartz infrared heat lamp assembly, a pneumatically actuated water-cooled shutter, two thermocouple inputs, software safety interlocks, and an integrated sensor cooling stand for improved test throughput rates. 

New for 2016!  Thermetrics now offers its own line of accurate, readily available copper slug calorimeter sensors for the RPP.


Exploded View of the RPP Sample Holder


Thermal Protective Performance
Radiant Heat Transfer
compliance with ASTM F1939
compliance with ASTM F2702
fabric test for skin burns
radiant heat penetration
Stoll curve burn results