Flame and Radiant Test Devices

Will your material system protect against a 2nd degree burn?  The TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) device, also known as a HTP (Heat Transfer Performance) device was developed to measure the time elapsed for... Read more
This innovative benchtop instrument is designed to provide effective 3D sample evaluation and to bridge the gap between flat-specimen TPP testing and full-garment Flame Manikin tests. The Flash Fire Cylinder developed by Thermetrics® provides an... Read more
Thermetrics compact Radiant Protective Performance (RPP) Test Device measures and predicts the time to second degree burns following radiant heat exposure to composite fabric systems. TEST STANDARDS:   ASTM F1939,... Read more
The Stored Energy Test (SET) device evaluates the potential for skin burns that may be associated with a fabric’s stored thermal energy. Firefighter protective clothing materials exposed to moderate levels of radiant heat can cause... Read more
The Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance (CCHR) device evaluates the potential for skin burns resulting from a fabric’s conductive properties under compression. Protective clothing materials that are exposed to heated surfaces... Read more
Modular burn chambers are available for the Flame Test Manikin and Hand – each chamber features fire-proof construction, a computer controlled gas delivery and burner network, as well as ventilation, fire suppression, and safety systems. Chamber... Read more
Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensor
Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensors, for ASTM / ISO Testing Thermetrics Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensors combine high performance and fast delivery at a reasonable price. Accurate sensors are key to accurate energy exposure predictions.... Read more