ANDI Thermal Manikin


The 35-zone ANDI Sweating Thermal Manikin is your key to advanced thermal comfort research. With exclusive features such as Dynamic Heatflux Sensing and Active Cooling, ANDI has the unrivaled ability to measure both positive and negative heatflux (heat loss and heat gain) and to respond to changing environmental conditions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


ANDI expands what’s possible when simulating human physiology. Dynamic Heatflux Sensing can measure even small transient events, which humans can feel but traditional manikins have been unable to measure. Active Cooling technology simulates the mass of a human without the weight penalty and expands ANDI’s temperature range (-40˚C to +50˚C) for testing in the same range of conditions where garments are worn.  ANDI systems are complete turn-key packages that include manikin, control electronics, laptop PC, and our exclusive ThermDAC control software. 

  • Standard sweating model features 35 thermal zones. A dry (non-sweating)22-zone model is also available.
  • Sweating systems feature computerized fluid delivery and removable wicking fabric skin.
  • Universal body form with garment sizing conversion standardizes ANDI for all regions.
  • Quick-change sweat pores minimize maintenance time.
  • Next-generation zone controllers and plug-in wet boards improve reliability and uptime.
  • Temperature sensor and resistance wire heater elements are distributed over each zone and are protected by an epoxy coating.
  • Standard options include walking motion stand, external breathing, and Manikin PC physiological software. Call if you have any customization needs!
  • All systems include a Dell laptop computer installed with ThermDAC control software.