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September 13,2010
The Eighth International Meeting for Manikins and Modeling (8I3M) was deemed a great success by all the conference attendees. The August 22-26 event, in Victoria, BC, Canada, enjoyed the happy combination of outstanding weather, first-class facilities, highly relevant presentations, lively discussions, and great food. Plus, Victoria is an outstanding city for tourism, and there was no shortage of things to do with our free time. Read More
August 4,2010
Last week, MTNW engineers completed testing and installing two new exciting products for a customer in the Eastern USA: Read More
July 15,2010
As regular Measurement Technology NW followers may know, back in November 2008 MTNW and a group that included Midwest Research Institute, Boston Dynamics, Smith Carter CUH2A, and HHI Corporation were chosen by the US Army to design and build “IPEMS” (Individual Protection Ensemble Mannequin System). This project includes state-of-the-art chemical testing facilities and a first-of-its-kind robotic thermal mannequin to perform high-resolution testing of protective clothing and equipment under live chemical exposure conditions. Read More
May 24,2010
NEMO, our submersible thermal manikin system, doesn’t make the headlines very often. After all, a true-weight cast aluminum sweating thermal manikin that is designed to operate underwater at depths of up to 10 feet (3 meters) is a rather specialized piece of equipment built to fulfill a unique set of research needs. Nevertheless, NEMO is in the news this week thanks to a new installation at Japan’s Ministry of Defense. Read More
April 23,2010
ADAM (Advanced Automotive Manikin) was delivered to the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab in 2001, and it remains the most sophisticated thermal manikin ever built. ADAM’s porous metal sweating skin construction, 120-zone high-res configuration, internal battery power, and wireless communication capabilities have yet to be duplicated. And therein lies a problem… Read More
April 2,2010
HVAC manikin photo
April 2010 (updated July 2016) -- Remember a few months ago when I mentioned that Thermetrics engineers love custom projects? Here’s a good example that shows our Newton manikin system re-purposed to serve (quite well I might add) as a sophisticated, repeatable tool for car/truck/transit HVAC comfort research.  Read More
March 2,2010
The 8th International Meeting for Manikins and Modeling (8I3M) is the primary forum for international experts on the science of human thermal comfort to present and discuss current and future challenges, opportunities, and the requirements of next-generation protective clothing, high-performance sport apparel, and environmental comfort research. Read More
February 8,2010
Measurement Technology NW’s new Stored Energy Test (SET) Device is designed to measure both transmitted and stored heat energy in firefighter protective clothing material systems under a specific set of exposure conditions. In real life, the combination of transmitted and stored heat within protective textiles and composites has been found to be sufficient to cause burn injuries under certain circumstances, and this new device is intended to replicate and measure these conditions.  Read More