We ♥ Custom Projects

We recently heard from a lab that was testing a hand warming (glove) system for military use that could be worn in water or on other cold-weather operations.

They needed to know if our thermal hand manikin could be customized for submersion testing in a cold water test tank, since their current testing methods utilized human subjects and they were having trouble getting repeatable results.

Our engineers love custom projects, and for this application they envisioned a waterproof thermal hand system where the hand form was attached to a sealed control enclosure box not much bigger than the manikin’s forearm diameter. Exiting this box would be one or two cables for power and serial communications. In use, the glove being tested would be placed on the hand, and the whole assembly - manikin and control enclosure box - would be immersed in the test tank with cables exiting the water and connecting to the system’s power enclosure and laptop computer.

No word yet if we’ll have the chance to build this device, but I mention it as an example of our interest in custom projects.

If you’ve got a project or know of a project that falls outside the standard range of thermal testing equipment - let us know.

MTNW got its start back in 1986 creating customized thermal systems, and we still look forward to those opportunities that either push the envelope or lead us in new directions.