Two of Thermetrics Newest Flame Test Manikin Installations are Completed!

Thermetrics Flame Manikin

Thermetrics installed Flame Test Manikins at CTT Group in Quebec, Canada, and SENAI-CETIQT, Brazil.

CTT Group

The first installation is located at CTT Group in Quebec, Canada, where a Thermetrics Flame Test Manikin and burn chamber system has become part of an ultra-modern flammability laboratory that allows CTT Group researchers and technicians to perform a variety of tests for materials research, for quality control, and to document product performance as per industry and government requirements.

Challenges arose with this project installation, which is not unusual when building test facilities as complex and as highly regulated as a Flame (Flash Fire) Manikin system.  Thermetrics understands that each site and each installation is unique, and planning must be flexible enough to account for the unexpected.

Designing and building test equipment that advances the science of personal protection is part of our mission here at Thermetrics, and learning to expect the unexpected is just part of the fun!


The second installation, located at SENAI-CETIQT in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was a complicated development that was part of a larger laboratory expansion project.  The burn chamber’s site preparation, delivery, assembly, and installation/commissioning stages each required input and coordination from a large number of stakeholders, which proved to be a challenge for everyone involved.

Through a combination of persistence, ingenuity, and cooperation each new obstacle was overcome, and the end result is a world-class Flame Manikin testing system that will be open soon to serve SENAI-CETIQT and its customers for many years to come.

Thermetrics Flame Test Manikin