Thermal Manikins (Thermal Mannequins) and Aerospace

As a heads-up for our aerospace partners, please note that Newton’s friendly face will be on display at the upcoming SAE AeroTech Congress and Exhibition being held November 10-12, 2009 in the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

Newton and his handlers will be part of the ThermoAnalytics booth (#1012). 

Newton and the other thermal manikin systems we manufacture are key pieces of test equipment for companies trying to understand the complex and ever-changing thermal environments found in airplane, automotive, bus, and train cabins.

When combining Newton’s measurement capabilities with ThermoAnalytics’ Human Thermal Comfort Software, the manikin acts as a multi-zone sensor that measures the rate of heat loss at each skin surface segment - responding to and interacting with the thermal environment to provide real data to the human model, thus eliminating guesswork and improving the accuracy of thermal comfort research efforts.

This combination of manikin + model allows users to accurately compute the thermal sensation that is being experienced and generate an intuitive prediction of human thermal comfort.