Techtextil 2013, Frankfurt

Techtextil, held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the textile industry’s larger trade shows. This year MTNW’s SGHP-8.2 sweating hotplate was on display as part of the Mesdan Lab booth, along with yarn splicers, burst and tearing devices, and the always popular abrasion and pilling tester. At three days in length Techtextil is not a particularly long show, but this year’s exhibition was a busy one. Reports say the total attendance for 2013 was about 40,000 people, and the Mesdan booth was quite active. At the end of each day it was a relief to hear the 6:00PM closing bell.


In retrospect though, it was exciting to see the amount of interest generated by our SGHP-8.2, with inquiries coming in from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, and areas outside of Europe. Also exciting was the knowledge that the SGHP-8.2 unit on display was going to be delivered to the Hohenstein Institute after the show!


Here at Measurement Technology NW we work hard to build the industry’s best biophysical test instruments, but to see the high regard for our instruments AND know that we’ve met the performance requirements for one of the world’s most respected research institutes, well, that’s a pretty special feeling.