SGHP cold plate accessory for thermal conduction tests

This exciting add-on device for new and existing SGHP systems is an excellent product for evaluating materials using a conduction-based heat loss path.  Thermal conduction tests require that the sample material be compressed between a temperature controlled hotplate and a temperature controlled cold plate that sits on top of the test specimen. 

Cold Plate add-on for the SGHP-8.2

Why use a Cold Plate? The primary heat loss path when using a sweating hotplate system is via convective losses from air contact above the sample.  This is the way heat loss usually occurs for most garments and products.  But there are situations where the primary heat loss path for certain garments/products is from conduction.  For example, footwear sole materials, wetsuits, and camping mattresses are a few of the products that experience heat loss primarily through conduction.

The SGHP cold plate accessory uses thermoelectric coolers and temperature sensors (mounted to a robust aluminum plate) to control and measure plate temperature and generate a sufficient temperature delta to permit thermal conduction tests. Sensor data is integrated to our ThermDAC software for fast, reliable test reporting and analysis.

These cold plate test results can quickly identify samples worthy of more advanced testing under ISO 8302.  

This simple-to-use SGHP accessory device gives operators the ability to switch between standard hotplate tests and hot plate-cold plate thermal conduction tests.  Use the SGHP-8.2 or SGHP-10.5 as-is to fully meet sweating guarded hotplate standards ASTM F1868 and ISO 11092, and add the new cold plate accessory to generate a range of test values for thermal conduction analysis!  How’s that for versatility?