Research Presentation at the ECPC symposium, in Valencia, Spain

The 5th European Conference on Protective Clothing (ECPC) is being held May 29-31 in Valencia, Spain. Hosted this year by AITEX Research Textile Institute, in association with the European Society of Protective Clothing (ESPC), the symposium serves as a forum for dissemination, exchange, and discussion of the results from research, development, and implementation efforts related to personal protective clothing, with a strong focus on protective properties and the well-being of the users of protective clothing. Measurement Technology NW’s Rick Burke will be a presenter at ECPC, authoring a paper titled “Further Validation of a Model-Controlled Manikin Using Firefighter Turnout Gear”.  A brief excerpt from his abstract submission reveals: “Thermal manikins serve a valuable role as research and product characterization tools, but manikin use as human subject simulators is limited by the ability of the manikins to adaptively thermoregulate with sufficient realism to mimic a human subject.” The completed paper will expand on previous research using MTNW’s Newton thermal manikin coupled with ManikinPC2 - an active thermoregulation software model. If you plan on attending ECPC, don’t miss the live presentation. But if other responsibilities preclude you from being there, feel free to email me for a copy of the actual paper: