Report from ShanghaiTex

Examination of Newton thermal manikin at ShanghaiTex 2015

Newton thermal manikins are known and respected around the world, and Newton's visit to ShanghaiTex has shown me just how popular he is.   

In a trade show filled with amazing types of equipment for spinning, weaving, dying, processing, and testing fabrics of all kinds, Newton has not been overshadowed. There have been times when crowds of excited, photo-snapping people are gathered around him like paparazzi, and other times when in-depth discussions take place concerning Newton's features and capabilities.  

The photo shows one such discussion, led by David Pan, General Manager of TEST Shanghai - Thermetrics agent in China. 

ShanghaiTex has been a good trade show in the past for Thermetrics, and it looks like the 2015 exhibition will continue that trend. Oh, and trust me, Newton would never tell you this, but the food here in Shanghai is simply stunning.

-Dave Heiss 6/16/2015