Planning starts for the Eighth International Manikin & Modeling Meeting (8I3M)

Had an excellent meeting yesterday in Victoria, Canada with the good folks at SPIN / Canadian Sport Centre Pacific. We checked out the meeting facilities (they’re great) and sketched out plans and responsibilities for next year’s 8I3M conference.

There is much work to do, but with enthusiastic co-sponsors like SPIN / Canadian Sport Centre Pacific it will all come together quickly.

Page 1 features a new Human Comfort physiological model from ThermoAnalytics that is being incorporated into our ThermDAC manikin control software. Page 2 covers new radiant and flame testing equipment we have developed, while pages 3 and 4 will bring you up to date on various projects and manikin systems our engineers have been working on recently.

Enjoy the reading and remember – you saw it first right here.