Pig Roast!

As our blog readers may recall from past postings, Measurement Technology NW has a much-appreciated tradition of “celebrating the wins” by hosting lunch for employees whenever a new thermal order has been completed and shipped off to the customer. However, the 110% team effort that was behind our first Flame Test Manikin and Burn Chamber shipment (to Donghua University, Shanghai, China) called for something more than your typical in-house lunch. The kind of dedication and perseverance shown by our project engineers and techs could only be properly rewarded with something flame-related… like a Hawaiian pig roast! 

The requirements were simple. Wear a Hawaiian shirt and be ready to eat! Our talented machinist Brian Welsh is also a pig-roasting connoisseur, and thanks to his watchful eye over the 10-hour roasting period, this particular pig was moist, delicious, and reduced to a pile of scraps by the time lunch was over. For more information on the Flame Test Manikin and Burn Chamber system installed at Donghua University, keep an eye out for our next thermal newsletter, coming soon!