Patience is a Virtue

Thermetrics Thermal Hand System

A (very) simplified flowchart of the sales process for Thermetrics projects looks something like this: 

flowchart of a patient sale

And wait, and wait.  Sometimes the wait is blissfully short, sometimes it can drag on for years, and sometimes it defies all explanation.  Case in point: the recent sale of a Thermetrics 8-zone sweating Thermal Hand system to Ansell.

With an initial inquiry in June 2004… a first quotation issued in September 2005… and a purchase order received in June 2015, the Ansell Thermal Hand project’s 11-year odyssey has been remarkable, as well as a testament to the power of staying in touch.  Of course, having a little patience didn’t hurt either.

There were several “oh-so-close” moments over the years, but both sides continued to persevere because it was clear that Ansell and Thermetrics were a good fit for each other.

Ansell’s mission is to provide the highest performance hand, foot, and body protection solutions for a wide-range of industrial, medical, and military applications.  Testing for thermal comfort is a key step toward achieving this goal.  

At Thermetrics we create thermal manikin systems with highly advanced thermoregulatory (heating, sweating, breathing) capabilities, including thermal hand, foot, head, torso, full-body, and custom models.  

Ansell had the need, and Thermetrics had the solution - so getting together would only be a matter of time, right?  My… how time flies.