Newton at Nike’s Hyperschool

Newton was taken to school last fall, to Nike’s Hyperschool media event in New York City. And Newton did more than just attend, he was part of the curriculum!

Hyperschool was set up for the media as a venue where Nike designers, researchers and developers from the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab could discuss their approach to apparel innovation in areas such as materials testing, fit and flexibility analysis, thermal comfort evaluation, and more, all towards the goal of creating the advanced sport apparel systems needed to protect athletes and maximize their performance under any conditions.

Newton was at center-stage during the Thermal Comfort session at Hyperschool, and he was a most helpful teacher’s aide as Nike leaders reviewed the complex battery of thermal resistance and moisture permeability tests they use to evaluate the thermal comfort characteristics of textile materials and apparel designs. 

Hyperschool was a great success, but fame is fleeting and Newton is now back at work on the Nike campus, no doubt already contributing to the next Nike clothing innovation.