Newton gets a little brother!


Standing just 55 inches tall (139 cm) and designed to represent the morphology of a 10 year old child, Measurement Technology NW’s new Child Thermal Manikin (we call him “Timmy”) was recently completed and shipped to AITEX in Alicante, Spain.

The Child Thermal Manikin is the latest offshoot, or perhaps I should say offspring, of MTNW’s “Newton” product line. Our new Child Thermal Manikin is a 15-zone model jointed at the shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, and ankles, with computer-controlled sweating skin and walking motion capabilities.

The child manikin’s smaller physical dimensions presented quite a challenge for our engineers – who were tasked with redesigning the manikin’s internal electrical and fluid supply components to fit into a body form that is significantly smaller than Newton’s, along with scaling down the walking motion stand without affecting its performance or harmonic stability. In the end everything came together as planned, and our engineers were as happy as any new parents could be.

Installation and commissioning of the system went very smoothly, and with their new Child Thermal Manikin, AITEX can now offer garment testing services for adult and child clothing sizes – a claim very few testing organizations can make!