The Newton family tree grows more branches

When the first Newton thermal manikin was built back in 2001, for Loughborough University (UK), Thermetrics engineers had no idea Newton would be so… prolific.  Or so well-traveled. 

In the short span of 15 years Newton installations have sprung up around the world, including the USA, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, China, Canada, Taiwan, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Lebanon, India, Russia, and of course England – where it all began.

Equally popular is our in-house 26-zone sweating Newton, which is in constant demand for short-term project rentals and trade show exhibitions.  This particular Newton has logged enough frequent flyer miles to qualify for diamond-level perks and pampering, but he prefers to avoid the spotlight and is still perfectly happy flying as cargo from one venture to another. 

As you can imagine we are quite proud of our Newtons, wherever they may be, but this year the big news is that Newton will be gaining two new relatives! 

1) For Kansas State University, Thermetrics is building a new 15-zone Child thermal manikin - designed using the body dimensions of a typical 8-year old child.

2) For RMIT University in Australia, Thermetrics is building a new 11-zone Baby thermal manikin - designed to the body dimensions of a 9-month old infant.

And so the Newton family tree grows more branches.  If this keeps up it’s going to be difficult keeping track of all the birthdays and anniversaries, but for now, life is good.

Newton • Timmy (10 year old) • Tommy (8 year old) • Baby Ruth (9 months)