Newton Assists in Donghua University Space Research

At the ITMA Asia +CITME exposition in Shanghai, China, the Thermetrics booth had a celebrity on display!  What appeared to be a standard 34-zone sweating and walking “Newton” thermal manikin was actually one of the human simulators used by Donghua University researchers to help design and test the thermal properties of space suits being worn by the two astronauts working in orbit on China’s new space station, the Tiangong 2.

For the Chinese people, the Tiangong 2 space station is a source of great national pride as well as a tremendous achievement for China’s space program.  Images of the astronauts (known as “taikonauts” in China) are a frequent sight on the news and in the newspapers.

For Thermetrics, it was a great honor to have had a connection and to have made a contribution toward the safety and comfort of the two astronauts on board the Tiangong 2.

For Newton, it was just another job well done.  But between you and me, I’m certain that from time to time he wonders, like the rest of us, what it must feel like to be weightless.

Tiangong 2 Astronauts