New Simon Thermal Manikin for Sleeping Bag Tests

Allow me to introduce “Simon” - Measurement Technology NW’s new 13-zone thermal manikin.

Our European friends may call him a thermal mannequin or thermal dummy; but regardless of the name, what Simon excels at is sleeping bag testing.

Simon isn’t shown on our website yet (a situation we’ll be correcting shortly), so let me tell you a little about this newest addition to the MTNW thermal manikin lineup.

The Simon thermal manikin system was developed for sleeping bag and environmental testing. The manikin is based on our popular 50th percentile Western Male body form but is jointed at the hips and shoulders only. Reduced joint complexity as well as the use of simplified hands and feet, minimize production headaches and help lower the price too. No walking motion stand is available for Simon, but a hidden hanging hook is located at the top of his head to provide an attachment point for support, whenever needed.

Our first Simon was delivered to Kansas State University, where he is currently hard at work doing what he does best - sleeping!

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