New CCHR (Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance) test device

CCHR test device

CCHR (Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance) test device

ASTM F1060 “Standard Test Method for Thermal Protective Performance of Materials for Protective Clothing for Hot Surface Contact” is a test method used to measure and rate the thermal insulation properties of protective clothing materials when exposed to temperatures of up to 600°F (316°C).

The standard’s goal is to evaluate the potential for skin burns associated with a fabric’s capacity for heat absorption and its thermal conduction potential under compression.  Measuring the amount of energy transferred by a protective fabric via thermal conduction to the wearer requires specific exposure conditions and complex analysis - parameters that the CCHR (Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance) device was developed to isolate, reproduce, and quantify.

The new CCHR device fully complies with the ASTM F1060 and NFPA 1971 standard, and it includes a precision temperature controlled hotplate and uniform conductive test surface, specimen holders, removable calorimeter assembly, pneumatically actuated transfer tray and compression system, plus data acquisition and control system.