NEMO Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame

NEMO, our submersible thermal manikin system, doesn’t make the headlines very often. After all, a true-weight cast aluminum sweating thermal manikin that is designed to operate underwater at depths of up to 10 feet (3 meters) is a rather specialized piece of equipment built to fulfill a unique set of research needs. Nevertheless, NEMO is in the news this week thanks to a new installation at Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

Ministry researchers had been try to secure funding for NEMO since 2006, but after years of negotiations things came together quickly in late 2009 and, by February 15th, we had an order in-hand along with an extremely challenging delivery date. Because of government procurement regulations associated with the end of Japan’s fiscal year, MTNW engineers had to design, build, test, and ship a custom 50th percentile (Japanese Male) sweating NEMO system in less than 14 weeks!

I’m not kidding when I say that our Japanese agents (IDS) and the whole MTNW team went into overdrive on this project.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts we successfully met the deadline and last week’s installation went very smoothly.

Now the customer is happy, our agent is happy, and we’re happy. Dazed and more than a little bit tired… but happy.