MTNW is moving!

New MTNT Building in Seattle, Washington 2014.

Measurement Technology NW has been building industry-leading thermal manikin and guarded hotplate systems since 1986, and for the last 14 years all that work has taken place at our current address in the Seattle Fisherman’s Terminal (Interbay) area.

A March 2010 blog post (“If you’re ever in the neighborhood”) talks about this in more detail:

Well time certainly flies, and what was originally 6,000 square feet of spaciousness has, over the years, become increasingly cramped as product line growth and staff additions gradually consumed every nook and cranny.  Despite our best efforts we’ve simply run out of space, which explains why all eyes are longingly focused across the street - where MTNW’s new building is nearing completion.

At the time of this writing crews are busy completing installation of the elevator and putting final touches on the facility, but even amidst the dust and noise it’s clear that MTNW’s new home will be a welcome upgrade.  With 15,000 square feet of production and office space, our new building was designed to optimize the production process flow, and, at the same time, deliver lower costs and a more comfortable working environment.  Several innovative features are making this possible.  For example, the heating and cooling systems feature variable flow refrigeration, air-to-air heat exchange, and computer-controlled thermostats.  Electrical usage is reduced with high-efficiency light fixtures that also include automatic daylight dimming (for those days when it’s not raining). Even waste heat from the computer server room is put to good use – it’s used to heat a changing room and shower area that’s been installed for employees who commute to work on their bicycles!

We expect to move into our new building in early February, but no one’s complaining about the extra workload or inconveniences that are part of a relocation.  We just tell ourselves, “No pain… No gain”.