MTNW Christmas Party

All three divisions of our company come together every year during the holidays for an intrigue-filled Christmas party. This year it was held at Vios Marketplace (a wonderful Greek restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area) but, right up to the day of the party, nobody knew where it was going to be held! Our president likes to build up anticipation for the event, and withholding the party’s location until the last minute definitely accomplishes that goal. It’s a company tradition that goes back many years, and we’ve all come to look forward to the surprise “reveal” of our evening destination.

Another fun tradition at our Christmas party is the White Elephant gift exchange. After much observation over the years I’ve determined that the ideal gift is useless and/or cheap.

Bonus points if it’s both, and woe to any new employee who unthinkingly brings something worthwhile! To play we draw numbers from a hat, and when your number is called you can select an unopened gift, or steal a gift that someone opened earlier (which allows the victim to select a new gift or steal someone else’s gift, and so on…). Gifts can only be stolen twice. The third owner gets to claim it for good.

This year I pulled a low number, so gift stealing was rampant. I picked and later lost a Buddha mask, a battery-powered zombie, a 6-pack of cheap beer, and a gyroscopic glider. The glider seemed like a good haul at the time - everybody likes a toy airplane - but while the package advertised “amazingly straight” flights the new owner soon learned that in reality the only thing the glider could do was fly straight into the ground.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our team to yours!