MTNW’s “Pie Day”

Potlucks are a bit of a tradition here at Measurement Technology NW.  Most of the time they’re semi-organized affairs with a theme, like our recent “Comfort Food” or “Food-on-a-Stick” potlucks.  As the photo shows, these monthly company-wide gatherings are always well attended, fun, and filling.

Sometimes though, the potlucks here just… happen.  Such as the spontaneous parties that arise to celebrate the completion of a particularly challenging project, or the time one of our engineers decided that Friday the 13th shouldn’t be a day to dread - it should be a special day we look forward to!  And because “Fri-day” just happens to rhyme with “Pie-day”, let’s have everyone bring in pies to share on all Friday the 13ths!!

And that’s how MTNW’s “Pie Day” came to be.  No word yet if our engineers have anything in the works for solstices or equinoxes.Potluck on the Deck 9-19-2014