Introduction to Measurement Expertise: MTNW's New Blog

I’m very excited to be launching Measurement Technology NW’s official blog, and I hope that over time you’ll find its content to be interesting and useful.

We have been working here in Seattle for almost 20 years, a bunch of geeks in an office, designing instruments that take the guesswork out of heat transfer measurements.

We love to take new people on a tour through the engineering and production areas when we have manikin body parts spread out over the tables and complex instruments reduced to a pile of wires and parts. To us, this is such a fascinating and unique technical field that we can’t stop talking about it. We hope you feel the same!

This new blog is an attempt to keep all of us better connected with all of you - our past, present, and future customers. It will be a place to come to for helpful information, and a place where readers can also be contributors - sharing successes, describing problems, asking questions, and posting thoughts on what we can all do better to advance the causes of our little thermal comfort testing community.

You’ll be hearing from us regularly, with inside information on MTNW equipment, tips for advanced product operation, industry news we think is relevant to our particular niche, solutions to equipment issues that others have faced, and anything else that occurs to us when it comes time to post another article.

We’ll do our best to keep it interesting, and as this process moves forward please remember that contributions from our readers, including questions, comments, or issues, is both encouraged and appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your participation. Cheers, Rick