Getting Caught Up

It seems to me that most people living in the Northern Hemisphere take their vacation time during August.

Europeans have their annual August holiday (they really know how to vacation over there), while the rest of us are doing good if we can squeeze in a few days to a few weeks of time getting away for some fun during the remaining warm summer days.

Hard to believe autumn is only a month away. Here at MTNW, August is a slow time of year, which (for those of us who have already taken vacation time) makes it perfect for catching up on to-do lists. My list includes writing MTNW’s next Thermal Newsletter, and setting up the dedicated 8I3M website that was mentioned in last week’s post.

Both projects should be done by the end of this week, so be sure to click back in a couple of days to see what’s new. Of course, I could tell you now, but that would spoil the anticipation.