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Female Newton configuration




Newton Reveals His Feminine Side


Measurement Technology NW’s advanced “Newton” thermal manikin system was designed as a 50th percentile male body form, but now, thanks to customer requests and MTNW’s creative engineering team, select Newton models can be quickly converted to a female body so laboratories can test the thermal properties of women’s garments.




This very useful gender conversion capability is accomplished through the addition of a breast overlay zone, designed to fully cover torso zone #9 on the 20-zone and 26-zone Newton models.  To use, the breast zone is mounted, secured (via attachment points at each shoulder), and plugged in.  This disables the underlying thermal zone in Newton’s control software, and measurement data from the breast zone is recorded instead.  When testing is completed and the breast overlay zone is disconnected and removed, the underlying torso zone again functions as normal.


This unprecedented shape-changing versatility means that laboratories can expand their thermal comfort testing capabilities to include both men’s and women’s clothing, without investing in a second thermal manikin system.  Click on the link below to read the complete Project Profile story, which includes an abstract from RMIT University that reveals how their Newton female conversion upgrade opened the door to expanded research opportunities:


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