Assessing textile product performance – Central Michigan University in Specialty fabrics Review

Specialty Fabrics Review - Assessment of textile product performance

One of Measurement Technology NW’s clients, Central Michigan University, was featured in Specialty Fabrics Review magazine this month. In the article Dr. Maureen S. MacGillivrary, professor of Apparel Merchandising and Design, talks about the importance of testing textiles and utilizing standardized test methods to provide proof of the functionality of the fabrics/textiles. 


In 2010 Central Michigan University purchased an advanced 46-zone sweating/walking “Newton” thermal manikin system, and a SGHP-8.2 sweating guarded hotplate. In 2011 we designed a female conversion module for Newton so their manikin could be easily converted from male to female body form.  Articles like this show CMU is certainly putting our thermal comfort test equipment to good use!

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