All-new ThermDAC Version 8 now available as an upgrade for existing MTNW thermal manikin installations

ThermDAC is a Windows-based software application that provides full thermal control, fault detection, data logging/analysis functions, and real-time graphic displays of manikin operation.

As of Oct 2009, It is included with the purchase of all MTNW thermal manikin systems, and our new ThermDAC 8 adds significant capabilities to what has already been recognized as the most sophisticated software available for manikin control and data analysis.

For interested MTNW thermal manikin operators, ThermDAC 8 enhancements include:

  1. Improved calculations: Total resistance, intrinsic resistance, and clothing factor, each fully configurable for user defined functions
  2. User-defined manikin regions: Parallel and serial area-weighted averaging for one or more zone subsets
  3. Improved test automation: User configurable “work cycle” tests allow sequencing of multiple test modes, including dry-wet transitions, automatic reference loading, and test report generation
  4. User-configurable displays: Parameter views, stripchart displays, and statistics calculations are all fully configurable
  5. Updated graph functionality: View multiple device and ambient variables on a single graph screen
  6. Enhanced event logging: Now you can edit description text and adjust the time of occurrence for user-generated event tags
  7. Integrated data exchange: Allows real-time data transfer between ThermDAC 8 and an external model or file
  8. Supports MTNW’s Physiological Model: This soon-to-be-released Human Comfort Module will provide real-time human response simulation and control (available December 2009, call for pricing)
  9. Customizable report generation: Display and print formatted test results, statistics, and sample information on user-defined report templates (update available May 2010, at no charge)

ThermDAC 8 is available as a system upgrade, either as a stand-alone purchase or as part of an MTNW Annual Service Agreement. Call or email us for details.