Innovative HVAC systems could save fuel or extend EV range From SAE International, Author Paul Weissler, published December 2013 ©2013 SAE International. All rights reserved. Read More


The MTNW team and their sister company, ECS, have pooled their resources together and raised $2,680 to donate to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief. Read More


The Man-in-Simulant Test (MIST) laboratory, located at North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles, allows researchers to realistically evaluate the capabilities of first responder protective garments against non-toxic vapors that closely resemble harmful chemical and biological agents. Read More


Nike Sport Research Lab - Future of Sportswear Read More
Seth Moczydlowski, a graduate student working with MTNW client Philadelphia University, recently won first place in a research poster competition for the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC).  Seth’s project used a Newton thermal manikin to demonstrate that screen printed ink on athletic T-shirts makes the wearer hotter and sweatier.  Read More


Techtextil, held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the textile industry’s larger trade shows. This year MTNW’s SGHP-8.2 sweating hotplate was on display as part of the Mesdan Lab booth, along with yarn splicers, burst and tearing devices, and the always popular abrasion and pilling tester. At three days in length Techtextil is not a particularly long show, but this year’s exhibition was a busy one. Read More


Female Newton configuration
This milestone posting is regarding the new female conversion plate for our Newton Manikins. Read more... Read More


CCHR test device
CCHR (Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance) test device ASTM F1060 “Standard Test Method for Thermal Protective Performance of Materials for Protective Clothing for Hot Surface Contact” is a test method used to measure and rate the thermal insulation properties of protective clothing materials when exposed to temperatures of up to 600°F (316°C). Read More


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