All three divisions of our company come together every year during the holidays for an intrigue-filled Christmas party. This year it was held at Vios Marketplace (a wonderful Greek restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area) but, right up to the day of the party, nobody knew where it was going to be held! Our president likes to build up anticipation for the event, and withholding the party’s location until the last minute definitely accomplishes that goal. Read More


In November 2008, Measurement Technology NW and a group that included Midwest Research Institute, Boston Dynamics, Smith Carter CUH2A, and HHI Corporation, was selected by the US Army to design and build the “IPEMS” project (Individual Protective Ensemble Manikin System), including state-of-the-art chemical testing facilities and a first-of-its-kind robotic thermal manikin system for performing high-resolution testing of protective clothing and equipment under live chemical exposure conditions. Read More
Allow me to introduce “Simon” - Measurement Technology NW’s new 13-zone thermal manikin. Our European friends may call him a thermal mannequin or thermal dummy; but regardless of the name, what Simon excels at is sleeping bag testing. Read More


We recently heard from a lab that was testing a hand warming (glove) system for military use that could be worn in water or on other cold-weather operations. They needed to know if our thermal hand manikin could be customized for submersion testing in a cold water test tank, since their current testing methods utilized human subjects and they were having trouble getting repeatable results. Read More
As a heads-up for our aerospace partners, please note that Newton’s friendly face will be on display at the upcoming SAE AeroTech Congress and Exhibition being held November 10-12, 2009 in the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Newton and his handlers will be part of the ThermoAnalytics booth (#1012).  Read More
ThermDAC is a Windows-based software application that provides full thermal control, fault detection, data logging/analysis functions, and real-time graphic displays of manikin operation. As of Oct 2009, It is included with the purchase of all MTNW thermal manikin systems, and our new ThermDAC 8 adds significant capabilities to what has already been recognized as the most sophisticated software available for manikin control and data analysis. For interested MTNW thermal manikin operators, ThermDAC 8 enhancements include: Read More


Is it just me or is time moving by really fast? The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind as planning for the August 22-26, 2010 Eighth International Meeting for Manikins and Modeling (8I3M) moves from the “thinking” to the “doing” phase. Read More
Had an excellent meeting yesterday in Victoria, Canada with the good folks at SPIN / Canadian Sport Centre Pacific. We checked out the meeting facilities (they’re great) and sketched out plans and responsibilities for next year’s 8I3M conference. There is much work to do, but with enthusiastic co-sponsors like SPIN / Canadian Sport Centre Pacific it will all come together quickly. Read More


It seems to me that most people living in the Northern Hemisphere take their vacation time during August. Europeans have their annual August holiday (they really know how to vacation over there), while the rest of us are doing good if we can squeeze in a few days to a few weeks of time getting away for some fun during the remaining warm summer days. Read More
Save the date! Measurement Technology NW and Canadian Sport Centre Pacific will be sponsoring next year’s 8I3M event (8th International Manikin & Modeling Meeting). The location will be beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Meeting schedules are being finalized, but our targeted timeframe is during the week of August 23-27, 2010. Read More