Thermal Manikin or Guarded Hotplate annual service plans. Your thoughts?

For several months now we have been considering the pros and cons of launching an annual equipment service and training package that would be available to all MTNW thermal manikin and guarded hotplate owners. 

The rationale (and value) driving this discussion is that regular maintenance helps prevent inopportune repair situations, while regular training leads to higher productivity from equipment operators.

As currently envisioned, the service would include annual equipment re-calibration, handled at our MTNW Seattle facility, plus one annual on-site visit. During this on-site visit our MTNW engineer would conduct a thorough evaluation of all installed MTNW equipment (with performance tune-up, software upgrades, and minor repairs handled on the spot), and would lead a re-training session for all equipment operators.

For MTNW customers with guarded hotplates and thermal manikins, the service would help ensure that your equipment is operating correctly and within acceptable tolerances.

As you might expect, an annual fee will be charged for this new service, but we think when customers compare it to the cost of an inconveniently-timed repair (with crating, rush shipping, the actual cost of repairs, plus downtime), the fee will be seen as a good value.

We have not made a final decision on an annual fee structure, but based on our initial review of time and travel costs we see different rates applying to North American and International customers.

So, what are your thoughts on this matter?

We’d love to hear from our equipment owners and learn if this idea is appealing to you. Thanks in advance for your support!

Posted July 2009