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March 19,2012
This exciting add-on device for new and existing SGHP systems is an excellent product for evaluating materials using a conduction-based heat loss path.  Thermal conduction tests require that the sample material be compressed between a temperature controlled hotplate and a temperature controlled cold plate that sits on top of the test specimen.  Read More
December 14,2011
The current Measurement Technology NW website has served us well for several years now, but it’s about to get a much needed makeover. The new website, which should be ready to “go live” in early 2012, is still just a bunch of whiteboard drawings and ideas looking for a place to call home - but even at this early stage it’s exciting to fast-forward and imagine how these ideas will play out on the new site. Read More
November 9,2011
Tim O'Neill, Tom Rezanka, and Rick Burke
Measurement Technology NW, founded October 15, 1986, designs and manufactures precision biophysical instruments for evaluating the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, protective apparel, seats, beds, and dynamic thermal environments such as aircraft, truck, and automobile interiors. Our company’s growth into the thermal comfort testing industry began in 1988, with delivery of a Thermal Hand manikin system to USARIEM (United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine) which was used to test gloves and protective handwear for soldiers. Read More
July 22,2011
As our blog readers may recall from past postings, Measurement Technology NW has a much-appreciated tradition of “celebrating the wins” by hosting lunch for employees whenever a new thermal order has been completed and shipped off to the customer. However, the 110% team effort that was behind our first Flame Test Manikin and Burn Chamber shipment (to Donghua University, Shanghai, China) called for something more than your typical in-house lunch. Read More
April 7,2011
Measurement Technology NW staff photo
New people to work with, new projects to work on, a mad dash for parking spaces each morning – yes, Measurement Technology NW is definitely a busy, growing place.   Read More
December 21,2010
Our Newton thermal manikins never ask for much. A little electricity… a bit of clean water… some help when getting dressed. Read More
November 29,2010
The sudden appearance of moustache growing men around our shop at the beginning of the month signaled MTNW’s entrance into the annual “Movember” challenge. “Movember”, the month formerly known as November, is annual charity event organized to benefit men's health - specifically the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LiveStrong Foundation. Read More
September 29,2010
  Standing just 55 inches tall (139 cm) and designed to represent the morphology of a 10 year old child, Measurement Technology NW’s new Child Thermal Manikin (we call him “Timmy”) was recently completed and shipped to AITEX in Alicante, Spain. Read More