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May 9,2017
It was a small thing, just one comment from among many heard at the AATCC International Conference, but it captured the essence of our mission here at Thermetrics. Read More
May 4,2017
On March 29, 2017, Rick Burke and Derek Sears demonstrated the Thermetrics HVAC Automotive Manikin and STAN Seat Test Manikin systems as part of the Technical Session on Human Thermal Modeling and Measurement for Automotive Applications (2017 ThermoAnalytics Global UGM). Their presentation included a technology overview, practical applications for the manikins and a demonstration on how to couple measurement results with simulation using TAITherm software with Human Thermal Module to provide more insight into end-user thermal response and comfort. Read More
November 30,2016
At the ITMA Asia +CITME exposition in Shanghai, China, the Thermetrics booth had a celebrity on display!  What appeared to be a standard 34-zone sweating and walking “Newton” thermal manikin was actually one of the human simulators used by Donghua University researchers to help design and test the thermal properties of space suits being worn by the two astronauts working in orbit on China’s new space station, the Tiangong 2. Read More
November 8,2016
Thermetrics is driven by the twin goals of continuous quality improvement and exceeding the expectations of our customers.   As evidence of this ongoing commitment to excellence, Thermetrics is pleased to announce that our in-house test laboratory and field calibration services are now A2LA accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.  With this new accreditation you can be even more confident that the instruments and services provided by Thermetrics will deliver a high level of quality, accuracy, and value to your laboratory. Read More
August 10,2016
The demand for textiles with advanced moisture management properties is soaring, and as a result the measurement of drying rate (the effectiveness of sweat removal through wicking and evaporation) has become a key test to evaluate the performance of these activewear fabrics. The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) has developed and approved two new test methods that aim to simulate wearing conditions in which the wetted fabric would be exposed to air flow and/or placed in contact with human skin: Read More
July 18,2016
This coming October, your intrepid Thermetrics sales team will attempt the daring feat of being in two places at once! This unusual situation has come about due to the overlapping dates of two important trade shows – one in China and one in the USA. Read More
June 30,2016
The new DHS hotplate is capable of measuring heat loss and heat gain (in Watts/m²)
A traditional sweating guarded hotplate, also known as a “skin model”, is designed to produce accurate, repeatable measurements of the thermal resistance (Rct) and vapor permeability (Ret) of textiles when tested under steady-state conditions. Traditional hotplates run into problems when used to test the performance of textiles in conditions that are NOT steady-state. Read More
June 8,2016
When the first Newton thermal manikin was built back in 2001, for Loughborough University (UK), Thermetrics engineers had no idea Newton would be so… prolific.  Or so well-traveled.  In the short span of 15 years Newton installations have sprung up around the world, including the USA, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, China, Canada, Taiwan, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Lebanon, India, Russia, and of course England – where it all began. Read More