Productivity In a Can

Over the last 30+ years Thermetrics has built a reputation for producing test instruments that feature intelligent, innovative designs which demonstrate a deep understanding of the technology that goes into thermal comfort testing and research. Yes, we have smart engineers to thank for that, but there’s another unheralded contributor who shows up whenever and wherever needed to help get the job done – Red Bull.

Earlier this year Thermetrics sent a team to Tsinghua University in Beijing, China to install a new Flame Test Manikin and Burn Chamber system. Knowing that the hours would be long, the schedule tight, the jet lag severe, and not wanting to be without this miracle beverage, our engineers thoughtfully packed several cases of Red Bull.

They would be needed.

As the days went by an empty Red Bull can tower began forming that ultimately grew to look like one of Beijing’s skyscrapers. But thanks to the added productivity boost the Tsinghua University installation was completed, tested, and calibrated, on-time.

So now you know. Red Bull not only gives you wings, it can take you to China and back.