NEW - Stored Energy Test Device and ASTM Standard

Measurement Technology NW’s new Stored Energy Test (SET) Device is designed to measure both transmitted and stored heat energy in firefighter protective clothing material systems under a specific set of exposure conditions.

In real life, the combination of transmitted and stored heat within protective textiles and composites has been found to be sufficient to cause burn injuries under certain circumstances, and this new device is intended to replicate and measure these conditions. 

In this new test device, a horizontally or vertically positioned fabric specimen is exposed to a radiant heat source (producing an energy output similar to the spectral density of a structural fire) for a fixed period of time. During exposure a data collection sensor, positioned above the innermost surface of the test sample, measures the heat energy transmitted through the fabric.

At the end of the exposure time, the fabric specimen is then compressed against the data collection sensor, which continues to measure the heat energy stored within the sample – as per the recently-approved ASTM standard: ASTM F2731 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Transmitted and Stored Energy of Firefighter Protective Clothing Systems.

The total energy transmitted and stored by the fabric specimen is used to predict whether a second degree burn injury will occur. If a second degree burn injury is predicted, the time to a second degree burn injury is reported.

MTNW's exclusive Stored Energy Test Device includes a radiant heat source, specimen holder, sensor assembly, transfer tray with water-cooled carriage, pneumatically-actuated compressor assembly, data acquisition/control system, and PC with burn damage analysis software.